My name is Lucas Augusto L. Siconato and I’m a physics graduate at IFGW-UNICAMP. Right now, I’m beginning my master’s degree at IAG-USP under the supervision of professor Rodrigo Nemmen and being very honest: I’m very excited about this.

I believe that throughout my life I have been interested in astronomy, it is an incredible theme and we have a lot to learn about it yet. Because of that, since the beginning of my undergraduate studies, I tried to learn several subjects related to this topic and it couldn’t have been a better experience and I believe that this was what brought me here and helped me in the decision of being part of the Black Hole group.

Now, concerning the things that make up the universe, black holes are certainly among the most fascinating ones. They are breathtaking! I am sure that studying them will be both interesting and challenging, but I am extremely motivated to understand them a little better and get some insights about their physics considering the observations made by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. I will be studying the low luminosity active galaxy nuclei and hope to learn some intriguing things about them!

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