I am excited to announce that today we received a generous donation from NVIDIA through its GPU Grant Program, which will allow us to accelerate our science to another scale. We received a Quadro P6000 GPU, packing a powerful punch of 12 TFLOPS of FP32 processing power and 24 GB. This GPU will allow us to severely speed up the calculations of electromagnetic spectra from black holes that our group is developing. One estimate that always amazes me: this GPU is almost faster than the whole computer cluster—called Alphacrucis—that our institute hosts, which has 2300 CPUs (~20 TFLOPS) and was purchased in 2011.

Thanks to NVIDIA for the great gift, which will soon be put to good use. Let’s see those fans spin at maximum RPM! Science!

Some of the grad students in our group with the new GPU donated by NVIDIA. From left to right: Fabio, Gustavo, Raniere and Ivan.
Rodrigo happily holding the Quadro GPU

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